Our team has assisted with starting up different type of agencies and can easily help you by providing the application process as well as provide the policy procedures and other needed consulting to create that successful agency.

Why franchise when you can create things at a low cost. We can also  lower the cost of the startup for the owner or just let us do everything for you.

Private/Non Medical agency start-up cost is only $6,995

We can also help with your Accreditation with JHACO & CHAPS

Private Pay

The least expensive to start is the non-skilled private pay home care agency. This type of service is one where the client in the community contracts with the agency for privately-paid (cash) services such as that of a live-in, chore aide or companion. Due to the potential for abusing the elderly, most states have requirements that these businesses are registered in some way, mostly by licensure. These services are never reimbursed by insurance providers. In most states, there is a licensure requirement for this type of agency, but it is a relatively straight forward process. Usually, the applicant completes an application and submits the requested policies and procedures needed, along with the applicable fees and any other permits required (occupancy, sales, etc.) to the state for review. This type of licensure does not permit the agency to offer any additional services, such as nursing, beyond those that they are currently licensed to perform. In many states, agencies who wish to provide supplemental staffing to facilities must have this or a similar type of license. These agencies usually have an on-site visit conducted (announced or unannounced) by the licensure board before they can be licensed and then again on a renewal basis, such as every three to five years.

Licensed, Skilled Non-Medicare Agencies

The next type of agency that follows a private pay agency in terms of start-up cost is a Licensed Skilled Non- Medicare Home Care Agency. Typically these agencies become licensed and can contract with the state to provide non-skilled Medicaid services, such as Personal Care Aides. These agencies need nurses to supervise and train the aides. Their nurses also perform skilled care that may be paid by some payers (sometimes long-term care insurance companies, Medicaid and others) who do not require that these services are performed by a Medicare-Certified agency. In New York State, this type of agency is referred to as a “LCSA”. These agencies often have an unannounced site visit by the licensure board before they are permitted to begin services and are then subject to unannounced return visits by the board every three to five years or more frequently if there have been complaints received about the agency.


Licensed, Medicare-Certified, Skilled Care Agency

The most expensive startup is a Medicare-Certified Home Health Agency and this is the type of agency almost everyone who contacts us wants to start. Skilled care is care that is provided by an individual who is trained and licensed and provides care that requires a nurse or therapist, not simply care that a patient or caregiver do not wish to perform. The Medicare-Certified agencies offer skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical social work. Home health aide services can be provided only when there is a qualifying skilled service being provided. Certified agencies receive initial visits by the state surveyors, or from their accreditor if it is required or if they have opted for “deemed status” (the visit and monitoring activities by the chosen accreditor that takes the place of the state performing these duties). All visits to the agency are unannounced and can occur at any time by the accreditor and/or the state to follow up on a complaint or concern or simply as a random follow-up visit. Renewals of certification occur every three years and return unannounced visits occur at the time of re-certification.