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Let our team be your initial Home Health Marketing team. We will come to you for 1 week to jumpstart your marketing plan


Hire our team of professionals to build and manage your entire marketing plan.

You can have the best marketing plan, all written out and ready to go, but if you don’t have the time or the manpower to implement it…well, you might as well have no plan at all.  Sometimes you get started, full of hope and excitement, but the first emergency, holiday, or busy period throws your momentum off and you’re no longer focusing on the marketing plan.

No Time and Too Many Distractions

Not enough time and too many distractions with Home Health Marketing are two of the biggest reasons the best laid marketing plans fail. This is usually the point where businesses consider hiring a marketing manager, but they are quickly overwhelmed at the expense and wonder if this person will actually have enough work to do full time. Then there is the question of quality…how much do they know about marketing? Do they have enough experience to put together a marketing plan that works?

Hiring Marketing Help Is Easier Than You Think.

What some Homecare business owners don’t know is that there is another option, and it is more affordable than you might think. You can hire OUR marketing firm to come to your area and provide a Home Health Marketing blitz. We will spend 1 week in your area targeting your potential or ideal referral sources like doctors, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. It is the perfect compromise between doing it yourself and hiring new employees.


1 Marketer: $6,995

2 Marketer: $10,995

This includes the cost of our Flight, Hotel and Food costs.

You will have our team going to all the places we will determine that will be a great target for your company. We will conclude the week by giving full report and whom you should be following up. We can also set up a second visit to help follow up the clients or set up a follow up phone calls for your organization 


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