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Agencies that are very large and successful are able to have their own in-house sales managers. These managers are paid six figure salaries to make sure that the sales team are effective and is delivering what is expected of them. They also develop and implement marketing strategies for the organization.


Most agencies are not in that level or choose to stay where they are. So most agencies may rely on the administrator (CEO or President) to monitor their marketing team. Now I definitely know that you have better things to do and you have a busy schedule as it is. Now you are also monitoring your sales team which is another full time position on its own.


Our Virtual Sales Management program allows you to have your own Sales Manager at a fraction of the cost of a in-house manager. Your job as a CEO, President or Administrator is to make sure that the company as a whole is running smoothly. So let us take care of your sale team.


One of our amazing Sales Management Coaches will set up a 1 hour team meeting with your Marketing/Sales team EVERY WEEK. We do suggest that this is done weekly for the first 3-6 months and can be lessen as time progresses. We can set up a webinar with everyone not having to be in one location.


Our team will direct your marketing/sales team by customizing marketing strategies with proven techniques in the market, establish sales (referral) objectives, implement action plans that the owners and leaders of your organization has placed together with our assistance.


We will also report to the leaders of your company regarding your marketing team. This will provide you clarity regarding the return of investment for your team and if any changes are required. We pretty much will give you’re their report card.


Here is some basic items we will cover:


Sales Team Expectations / Timetable 

Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will move at your pace.  Some situations are more urgent than others, and we will give your situation the right amount of attention. Your marketing/sales team will be required to turn in weekly reports of their inbound referrals and will be compiled in a report that will be given to your management. We will assess how many of those referrals where admitted and to make management aware that they are getting a Return on their investment for each marketing personnel.


If any team member is not meeting their minimum goals, we will provide additional coaching and report this to management in order to have these reports filed in the employee record.


We have a belief that if a person is not producing what they are hired for, then we need to make sure we are able to keep records, in case management decides to part ways with said individual.


Marketing and Sales Training/Coaching

We will continually assess and train your team on proper dynamics needed to be competitive and succeed in healthcare marketing. We will also make suggestion and answer questions they may have in solving marketing problems they face in the field.

Leadership strength and health 

Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will assess the strengths and opportunities of your sales team as a whole and for each individual team member including sales competency, industry knowledge, the goal setting process, and coaching for improvement.  Diagnostic tools are used to keep results objective and aligned with the priorities of your organization. These results will be placed in a report and given to management.


Product or service readiness 

How well does your team know and explain the features and benefits of your services?  Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will make sure your sales professionals are not missing critical elements of your agencies portfolio.


Market need and size validation 

Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will help you pinpoint your approach to the selected market using the real differentiators of your products and services. We will help your company qualify the proper leads and know who and where would be a good source of client/patient referrals.


Operations and process excellence 

What are your organization’s critical success factors, and how does your sales team help to drive those measures? Is your sales team aware of the internal process of your company?


Sustainable competitive advantage 

Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will conduct a 360 degree assessment of your organization all the way to your competitors and of course looking for proper referral leads. We will keep you current on new marketing techniques and keep your marketing within the boundaries of the law. We will also help develop new programs to keep you different and better than the competition.


We will also help create new marketing materials to add to the arsenal of weapon.


New Sales/Marketing Member Hiring and Training

Our Virtual Sales Management Coaches will also help you conduct interview and assist in the hiring process. From doing the background check of new marketers all the way to keeping them up to speed to your companies policies and procedures in marketing.



Our team works for the Success of your organization and we intend to keep you profitable by making sure you have the right individuals working for your organization and at the same time increase your census. The belief of saving money and making money will help increase your profits.


Our presentations will be held with a variety of teaching tools. From videos, power point presentations and great reports on the industry. In addition to the to working with your team, we will also make sure to set up a time weekly to provide your management team a full report.


12 Month Plan: $1995/month (12 month contract paid quarterly)   

3 Month Plan: $2495/month  (3 month contract) 

Month to Month: $2995/month (NO contract)

The average cost for a Hiring a Marketing Manager is $73,000/ yr. We can do the same for the fraction of the cost.


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