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Dear Friend,

If you’re an Owner, Administrator, Consultant, Director of Nursing, Marketing Manager, Client Liaison of either a Home Health, Homecare, or Hospice Agency. (or someone thinking about going into home health business), let me share what it takes to be a success in business during these tough times.


I’m going to be frank with you for a moment and straight to the point if I may…


FACT: In these tough times, where the old ways of doing business in home health and homecare has been shattered, you need NEW tools in your toolbox that are proven and field-tested to work in any situation, good, bad or ugly. You need these to add to your proven tactic


FACT: The old advertising model doesn’t work like it used to. In fact, costs have tripled and results have halved since the early 1990s.


FACT: There are a few successful agencies out there, yet most agencies struggle or is unable to increase their census as high as they know it can,


FACT: With the changing laws and payments structures of the home health industry, coupled with increase competition. There is definitely uncertainty and insecurity, where cash flow shrivels, pain and anxiety prevail. The step by step “Home Health Success Academy” blueprint has helped multiple business owners create amazing results.


FACT: Companies are wasting money and time on employees that are not needed in their company.


FACT: Research shows the Home Health and Homecare business is getting tougher and tougher. Worse still, referral sources are reluctant to refer clients to new agencies that introduce themselves. Medicare/Insurance payments are starting to get lesser and every year we see more competition come in to our area and are out to get your clients with newer techniques and programs that you still have not learned


Yes, times are tough but please understand, in the midst of all these problems that you face or choose not to look at, there’s a group of more informed Home Health and Homecare agencies who are thriving and earning more money today than ever before. For these people, the future has never looked brighter.


Right about now, there’s probably one question on your mind…


Here’s Just a Sample of what I promise you will Learn with our training…


I PROMISE to teach you how to present your agencies services to the right audience

I PROMISE to give you the scripts so that you know what to say when to say things

I PROMISE to share with you the typical objections given by potential referral sources and know hoe to respond to them.

I PROMISE to reveal the 7 dangerous trends facing the Home Health, Homecare and Hospice Industry today online and offline and how to avoid them


I PROMISE to show you persuasion and Rapport (trust) building strategies to gain the trust of referral sources (Doctors, Social Workers, Discharge Planners) into see your company as the right company to refer their patients and clients.


I PROMISE to reveal to you the secrets techniques on how to get those hard to reach clients in the phone and get through the gatekeeper


I PROMISE to show who how to get people to call you back when you could never do that in the past


I PROMISE to show you how to get those important appointments to show how valuable your company is and why they should refer to you


I PROMISE to reveal proven techniques in order to get your company in the preferred provider list for Hospitals, SNFs and Assisted Living Communities.


I PROMISE to reveal the business breakthrough strategy that WILL change the way you do business forever… Not to be missed!


I PROMISE to help you create programs that will help you stand out from the competition.


I PROMISE show you how to stay compliant and within the law in your marketing strategies.


I PROMISE to show you how to prevent patients from moving to another company through hidden techniques in making sure that your current patients and their families see the importance of using your services.


I PROMISE to show you what other services you can add that most other agencies do not use. This will differentiate you from the rest


I PROMISE to help you create or update your current marketing materials and look at what you can add to your current weapons.


I PROMISE to show you the number one weapon you need to win referrals and to be the go to person.


I PROMISE to show you how to position yourself in a Networking Event and have people want to talk to you and know more about you.


I PROMISE to show you how to Network like a rockstar


I PROMISE to show you how to create power partners and leverage them to your success.


I PROMISE you’ll discover the 3 critical areas that business owners must master in order to achieve complete and utter marketplace domination!


I PROMISE to show you proven ways to beat your online competitors and have a stream of customers beating a path to your door


I PROMISE to reveal how to make your Home Health business scalable, predictable, profitable and controllable and create financial freedom and independence.


I PROMISE you’ll see that even if you think your agency is the small agency in the block. I will help you discover that you have the right to know that you deserve to be comparable to the big agencies in your area. By using simple, easy and quick strategies that won’t cost you a fortune


I PROMISE to reveal how to prosper right now, regardless of hundreds or thousands of competitors in your service area.

I PROMISE you’ll discover success, philosophies, beliefs, thinking and personal behavior that has allowed top Home Health Agencies, CEOs and Marketing Teams attract new referral sources.


I PROMISE to show you cost cutting techniques within your organization. So that you can increase your profits. We will show you how to save money and time for your organization.


I PROMISE to show you how to hire a rockstar marketing team and know how to create the right payment and bonus structures.


I PROMISE to give you hours and hours of revealing my best-proven strategies and tactics for business success.



I’m also going to teach and help you implement the Home Health Success Academy Formula – a formula that is used by many companies that I have been consulting for whom are looking to expand their business and new patients referrals with the new business techniques…


So here’s a short list of some of my achievements, to give you some background on where I came from…


I have been personally invited to speak about marketing and business building in seminars held by some Home Health Business Consultants working in the Country.


I’m an author and currently working on a book that will help revolutionize the Home health Industry on how to build and manage Home Health, Homecare and Hospice companies


I have recently started our Home Health Success Academy You Tube Channel that will provide free video techniques to gain more referrals and help you create a successful company.


I have the privilege to coach, consult and contract to multiple Home Health agencies. Providing one on one coaching of their CEOs, Managers and Marketing Team.


I have also created several new companies other than Home Health Success Academy, that will help companies like yours increase its awareness by providing additional services that will make you stand out from the rest.


I have created that provides a medication management program that will be able to call patients in a daily basis to remind them to take their medication. By providing these services, companies can show referral sources the importance of medication management to reduce re-hospitalizations. They also allow Home Health Agencies the ability to provide 24 hour answering service to their clients and also provide reminders for Medical Appointment.


 I also started a marketing and printing company that will reduce the cost of printing marketing materials for companies in our industry. It also provides ready made proven templates I personally have used and now your organizations can use for flyers, brochures, educational programs and Branding Materials.



But a word of caution…


If you’re the sort of person who chases the next ‘shiny object’ without ever implementing, or you believe in “get rich quick schemes” please leave this page NOW because…



This training day is loaded with powerful techniques for increasing Home Health referrals fast, using Advanced traditional, cutting edge new offline and online strategies


If you’ve read this far you KNOW there’s something VERY profitable here for you.


If you are an Owner of a Home Health, Homecare, or Hospice. Or if you are a manager, Administrator, DON, Marketing Manager, Marketing Liaison,  or thinking about starting your own agency…..


It’s highly likely this cutting edge information is just what you need to give you an unfair successful advantage over your competitors and…



Because tickets to this special “tell all” event are at such a MASSIVELY discounted price (Valued at US$899 each) you’re encouraged to reserve your seat now to avoid missing out.



If you’re ready to benefit from a results-driven, accelerated learning format where you won’t just sit and listen, you’ll learn and participate…



You’re ready to learn exactly how to utilize the  that are absolutely proven to create massive success because of today’s Chaotic and Competitive Home Health Industry… Then,



 is the best time for you to expand and grow your business (locally or nationally) so you never have to worry about gaining more clients/patients or money again!



In this Chaotic Change in the Competitive Industry there is what I call a “flushing the system” going on.


Business owners who fail to change with the times will, and are, being “flushed out” and are closing their doors.


 You don’t have to be one of them.


This high-end workshop gives you all the tools, tactics and strategies to ensure you won’t be one of the “cleansed”.


This training day is the first step.


I look forward to seeing you very soon, and helping you achieve all of your business and financial dreams.


To Your Success,



P.S. This amazing hands-on, completely interactive, intensive training workshop is strictly limited to 75 students maximum per event – sorry no exceptions. This limit assures the effectiveness of your learning experience.

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