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Our experienced Home Health Success Coaches will provide a Full Hour of coaching session with whoever is the designated member of your team. This is normally the Owner, CEO, President or Administrator of your company. Our goal is to be able to coach the person who sees the day-to-day operation of your agency.


The first step to take is to have a baseline of the structure of your company so that our team can meet and discuss what would be an amazing game plan to take your company to the next level.


The next step is to discuss with you what are your desires and to create clarity on your vision of where you see your organization headed toward. We will then let you know what our team of coaches have suggested in our meeting of where to concentrate with your company at the same time customize it with your vision and ideas.


From there we will work with you to fully customize a detailed training and coaching plan.


We will provide business analysis of your organization; create obtainable goals and a road map on what and how we will obtain these goals. We will also Provide detailed advice and motivation for you and the leadership team.


Your Home Health Success Coach will monitor your progress and will make sure that your company is guided well to its obtainable goals of becoming a more successful agency.


In addition to your coach working with you, he/she will also report to our weekly meeting. This allows you to have an additional resource of people looking after you.


The coaches are also available via email if needed. All Home Health Success Coaching Sessions are done through video chat. (Phone meeting can be requested)


We believe in video chat over phone conversations because we believe that this is more personal and we enjoy seeing the people we work with.


We recommend new clients who want to see fast results do our 3-6-12 Plan

First 3 months: 4 Sessions Monthly that will be held weekly

Month 4 – 9:  2 Sessions Monthly that will be held every other week.

Month 10-12: Monthly Coaching Sessions

2 hour package

You will get  2 hours of coaching service done by phone or vidchat with any topic needed to be discussed.

You will also get 1 week access to either Closer or Scripts Training ($199 value)



You will get a hours of coaching calls with your your assigned coaches

You will get 2 week access to any course offered ($399 savings) plus a discounted savings of $250 from hourly coaching service.



You will get a 2 hours a month coaching calls with your your assigned coaches and access to monthly webinars and advice. Plus an extra 1 hour every month FREE ($150 value). $2500 savings


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